Amalfi Coast in Winter with Jane & Andrew
Jane & Andrew Enjoying The Amalfi Coast in December

Hello! Guten Tag! Bonjour! Buenos diaz! Welcome to Two Seasoned Travelers, a site dedicated to helping you optimize your travel through Europe no matter the season. We are Jane and Andrew Flis a travelling couple that has been to Europe a combined 18+times. We both started our European adventures during the summer months, but over the past five years have traveled in the dead of winter four times! Our friends couldn’t understand why we avoid the sunny beaches of the Caribbean, but we found that the magic of Europe can be even more powerful in the winter if you know where to look.

And therein lies the problem, even though we were seasoned European travelers we weren’t sure what Europe would be like in the off season, and popular guide books gave only a passing mention to the colder months of the year. There just isn’t a concentrated resource for travelling to Europe in all seasons of the year. Join us as we right the wrong of an overlooked winter in Italy, fall in Spain or spring in Greece. Let’s get travelling!